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New Publication from TDEC
The 2005 Report (Appendix B)
- #1 dislike (33%) - Traffic
- 50% liked the small town
  that was safe, had parks,
  and was close to amenities.    

Many Organizations in Middle Tennessee and Kentucy sponsor bike rides in their communities as fundraisers.  Click here for a list of those events.


Sanders Ferry Greenway
- Dec 2016: City said there had been some changes to the RFQ and RFQ was sent out again.  The water crossings discouraged bids on the previous release.
- Jan 2017: City received a construction bid. It was higher than hoped. They have follow-ing strategy to address the additional cost.
  - First, we will work with the company to reduce their costs.
  - Second, we will apply for an Active Transportation Grant for the additional cost. .
  -Third, Request the whole additional cost from BOMA to show TDoT and MPO that City is committed to building it.

Saundersville CMAQ for Greenway
- July 2016: City Application filed
- Nov 2016: Bike/Ped Committee provided review
- Jan 2017: City did not receive grant. 

New Stratton Downs Development
- Dec 2016: City showed plats for a proposed new development along Stop 30.  (Copies saved  to our Google Drive ). Fred felt the section nearest 386 had a reasonable chance for approval, but the more northern section did not.  We were particularly interested in the opportunity for a Bike Route through this development to Wynncrest as we previously suggested on page 10 & 11 of our February 2016 Report to the City.

Durham Farms
- Dec 2016: Section of Drakes Creek Rd to be removed (between southern entrance and pumping station).  We discussed the possibility of a bike/ped trail to replace this section.  Connector from Durham farms to Saundersville Road (once in the old planning for this area) is not in the current plan.

Burris School
- Dec 2016: We asked about the lack of connecting to Spearpoint and Cross Bows thereby increasing already heavy traffic on Drakes Creek Road.  Fred said the residents in the neighborhood were against having school traffic on those roads, but felt eventually the gate across Spearpoint would be removed.

An obvious alternative (which we did not ask) is
“Why not open these roads to Bike/Ped traffic?”

Drakes Creek Greenway
- Dec 2016: We discussed alternatives to run a greenway trail along Drake Creek from behind Sam’s and the new long term motel.  The City was promoting a trail along the west side in the Davidson Academy property.  We preferred running it along the east side and including a greenway connector to northern point of the Streets of Indian (ref: page 17 of our February 2016 Report to the City.)

Durham Farm development was paying to raise Stop 30 bridge by 6 feet.

Committee Follow-up Plans
With the City cancelling its plans for the Saundersville Greenway, we will continue to monitor this area and as time permits:
- Walk the Stratton Downs area to understand better the options for Bike/Ped. 
- Walk the CSX 386 underpass for the CMAQ grant as suggested by Brian. 

Oct 2016
Dec 2016

Bike / Ped Committee Report
- Saundersville July 2016 CMAQ Grant Application
  - Letter to Mayor Clary
  - Review of Proposed Route
  - Video

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- 2016 What's Happening

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- Video of 2016 Open Streets
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Active Transportation Grants - 2017
- The Nashville Regional MPO plans re-questing RFPs for grants -- due by late May for award by October.


May 2017


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